01. Situation:

Christine Frosini sells luxury homes for Special Properties in Saddle River, New Jersey.

Like any entrepreneur, Christine found that scaling her business can be challenging when too many selling hours are wasted on back-of-the-house tasks.

Unfortunately, creating a great website wasn’t going to solve Chrisinte’s problems and help her grow her business. Instead, she needed new tools and resources to keep up with the demand for more digital content.

02. Solution:

One of Christine’s challenges was that additional Temp or Admin help would need too much oversight, so Web & Apps developed a two-pronged approach to help Christine get control of her increasing volume:

  1. Put capable staff in place on an hourly basis to plug holes in the short-term. This included two part-time Digital staff members dedicated to the team.
  2. Develop and execute on a plan to leverage software and automate more of what was holding Christine back.

Web & Apps accomplished this through:

+ Business Process Consultation
+ Integration of new SaaS tools
+ Workflow changes
+ Web Copy Development
+ Branding
+ Digital Marketing Services, including Social Media

03. Outcome:

+ Improved workflow for creation and approval of all public-facing content.

+ New low-cost content management system put in place to streamline creation and approval of all content that goes out the door.

+ Cleaner lists, and new CRM improvements and integrations.

+ The ability to bring in help now that approval workflows were fully-developed.

+ Increased consistency online.

+ Fully-managed HootSuite implementation and ongoing service.

+ Managed e-mail marketing by hourly teams.

+ Digital Advertising management.

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